If I Accidentally Swipe Left On Someone’s Dating Profile, Can They Eventually Show Up Again In The Future?

If I Accidentally Swipe Left On Someone's Dating Profile, Can They Eventually Show Up Again In The Future?

Numerous people on dating apps swipe in the wrong direction.

Swiping left when they meant to swipe right.

You have accidentally swiped left on someone’s dating profile and you are worried that you have lost out on that person forever.

To quell your fears, you don’t have to worry too much about this.

Yes, this person’s dating profile is eventually showing up again.

As long as you don’t make any changes to your match preferences, and stay on the dating app long enough, seeing this dating profile again is a strong possibility.

The goal of a dating app’s algorithm is to get people to match with each other.

In the midst of doing this, it watches people’s swiping behavior and learns about human error.

It picks up on how a substantial number of people swipe left by accident or without paying that much attention to a dating profile that was presented to them.

This motivates an algorithm to show you the dating profile of someone you have accidentally swiped left on in the past, at an opportune time in the future.

Dating profiles are constantly changing.

People change their photos and bios.

When there are updates made to a dating profile, it breathes new life into it.

These are changes that have the potential to change the opinion of someone who had previously swiped left on the dating profile.

To this end, an algorithm puts the dating profile back on a path to finding you, in the hopes that this time around, you see something that appeals to you and swipe right on it.

As aforementioned, as long as you don’t make any changes to your match preferences and you stay on a dating app for a sustained amount of time, the dating profile that you swiped left on will eventually show up again.

This takes into consideration that the person you swiped left on remains active on the dating app and doesn’t delete her dating profile.

Hopefully, she remains active for the foreseeable future.

Contrary to popular belief, there isn’t an endless amount of matches on a dating app.

The truth about dating apps is that there are a limited number of matches to go around.

When you actively use a dating app for a long enough period of time, there are bound to be ebbs and flows in the number of dating profiles you are presented with.

This is inevitable, especially when you are a guy.

As a guy, you won’t receive anywhere near as many matches on a dating app as a woman does.

The first month of your membership is when you receive the greatest number of matches, being that you are new and a dating app wants to keep you around.

Once you get past these first few weeks, you enter a period where there are ebbs and flows in how many matches you are presented with.

At this stage, you have lost new subscriber status and have now become a part of the general crowd of old-timers on a dating app.

An algorithm doesn’t prioritize you as much during this period, choosing instead to present the newest matches to its newest subscribers.

It is when you are stuck in this period that an algorithm feeds you dating profiles from your past, several of which you have already swiped left on.

With any luck, one of these dating profiles is the one you accidentally swiped left on.