Talking To A Guy From A Dating App And He Just Hearts My Messages But Doesn’t Respond?

Talking To A Guy From A Dating App And He Just Hearts My Messages But Doesn't Respond?

He isn’t interested in you as much as he should be.

Hearting your messages is his way of making you feel good, having you believe there is an attraction.

This encourages you to keep messaging him.

His interest level is low.

Being on a dating app, he is preoccupied with women he has a higher level of interest in.

These are the women he is responding to.

He wants to talk to these women and his efforts are going towards making conversation with them.

Unfortunately, in regards to you, he doesn’t believe that you are worth the time to conduct written conversations with.

It is far easier for him to heart your messages.

This requires minimal effort, which is just fine by him.

You aren’t the only woman he does this to.

You have company.

These are the women he has minimal interest in, but thinks are cute enough to warrant a heart.

He knows that he doesn’t want to conduct conversations with these women just yet.

Should those of higher priority fall through, he would entertain the thought of responding to these lesser women.

Right now, he doesn’t have to.

He is conducting conversations with women of higher priority and he is making headway.

You shouldn’t keep messaging him, regardless of how good those hearts make you feel.

Don’t forget the reason why you joined a dating app.

You didn’t do it for hearts to your messages.

You did it to seek out matches with romantic potential.

How are you going to know whether there is romantic potential when a guy just hearts your messages?

That won’t get you anywhere.

This guy is a complete waste of your time and you shouldn’t entertain him with your messages any further.

In a different scenario, where this is a guy you have had good conversations with in the past, you shouldn’t keep messaging him.

In hearting your messages, he is indicating that he is no longer interested in having proper conversations with you anymore.

He has had enough conversations with you to know that you don’t get him romantically excited.

That being said, he hearts your messages to be polite.

You were someone he had previously had good conversations with, of whom he is now bored with, but he doesn’t want to be rude in completely ignoring your message.

Having built a degree of rapport with you, thanks to his previous conversations with you, he wouldn’t feel right in completely ignoring your messages.

So he hearts them to be polite.

Nonetheless, he hopes that as he continues hearting your messages instead of sending you proper text responses, you get the point that he has lost interest in you.

He doesn’t have the heart to come right out and tell you that he is no longer interested.

In hearting your messages, he is adopting a passive method in the hopes of getting you to realize that whatever chemistry that was once there is now gone.

It does you no good to keep beating a dead horse.

Stop messaging this guy.

In either scenario, you are wasting your time.