Online Dating: Do You Ever Swipe Left On People That You Think Are Too Attractive For You?

Online Dating: Do You Ever Swipe Left On People That You Think Are Too Attractive For You?

Here you are, looking at dating profiles and you see a gorgeous man.

A man that is too attractive.

The immediate instinct is to swipe left on his dating profile.

After all, you know what you look like and what your dating history has been like.

The men in your dating history have looked a certain way.

Closer to your level.

Not like this guy.

This guy is an Adonis.

Upon seeing his dating profile, your brain instantly replays your dating history in your mind.

As it does this, there is a reaffirmation that you have never dated any guy this attractive.

On a subconscious level, you know this.

As human beings, there is a fear of the unknown.

The unknown makes us anxious and uneasy.

We like staying in our comfort zones.

A guy this attractive is outside of your dating experience.

Naturally, being that his looks are outside of what you are familiar with, you are prepared to swipe left.

This is instinctive.

Think about it like this.

Were this a guy you happened to see at a bar, it’s highly unlikely that you would step up to him and initiate a conversation or send signals of attraction in his direction.

You wouldn’t do it.

The same applies to a guy you have seen on a dating app that is this attractive.

Even though you are on a dating app, it doesn’t mean that you don’t bring your life history in dating with you.

Never having dated a man who is this attractive in your dating history, it’s unlikely you are motivated to swipe right on him.

That being said, if you like the guy’s dating profile, it isn’t such a bad idea to swipe right on him.

Not every guy this attractive is looking to match with a woman on his level of attractiveness.

A guy this attractive is capable of getting any woman he wants in real life.

In resorting to joining a dating app, he might be looking for something that he hasn’t found in women he meets in real life.

Is he seeking out a woman for a much deeper connection than one of superficiality?

It isn’t out of the question.

This is why you shouldn’t instantly write off a guy this attractive by swiping left on him.

Upon looking at his dating profile and connecting with much of what he has to say about his interests and life experiences, consider swiping right.

Yes, it’s a risk.

Nevertheless, it is worth it.

Dating apps give you access to people you would have never had access to in real life.

Why waste it?

It isn’t out of the question that a guy this attractive has chosen to be on a dating app to find a caliber of woman that he has been having trouble finding in real life.

A woman of substance.


Don’t be afraid to swipe right on his dating profile if what he included in it resonated with you, and not solely his looks.