Online Dating: Fake Military Accounts

Online Dating: Fake Military Accounts

Fake military accounts are popping up so frequently on dating apps, you have come to expect them.

The first time you were presented with a military account on a dating app, you thought you had hit the jackpot.

You are a sucker for men in uniform.

It didn’t take long before you realized that every military account you were getting presented with were fake.

Every time you swiped right on a fake military account, you were in for a tale you would be telling your grandkids as a bedtime horror story.

A guy you thought was a soldier would talk you up for a period of time, and just as you thought you had finally found the one, he indirectly asks you for money.

By this stage, you have heard every trick in the playbook.

Tricks like, he is desperate to see you but needs money to apply for a “leave request” from where he is deployed with the military to come and visit you.

He doesn’t have money to pay for food, housing, a medical procedure for himself or his child, or to officially retire from the military.

Before you know it, he is asking you to aid him financially through gift cards, wire transfers, payment or cash apps or cryptocurrency.

Scams, the lot of them.

And such a buzz kill.

His dating profile was that of a handsome man in uniform, and you bought it hook, line and sinker.

You were so excited to start a conversation with him.

And for a while, he was great.

He said the right words, making you feel loved like you had never felt before.

Once he thought he had you emotionally, he went for it.

And if you weren’t any smarter, you would have fallen for it the first time it happened on a dating app.

He was so smooth in how he transitioned into it too, acting as though he was in a financial bind and appealing to your emotions as he did so.

Thankfully, the logical side of you took over.

You did some research and investigation into it and learned that this was a scammer.

That was a colossal downer.

You wanted to believe that everything you had shared with him on the dating app over the weeks were real and heartfelt.

Regrettably, that wasn’t the case.

You got so close to sending him that money.

Such is romance.

It messes with the mind, making us do things we would have never considered doing under different circumstances.

Given this much experience with fake military accounts on dating apps, you know a fake military account when you see one.

Whenever you see one on a dating app, it triggers sad memories of the times you have almost fallen for this scam hook, line, and sinker.

These scammers sure know how to pick the handsome guys in uniform too as profile pictures.

Unfortunately, these are scammers who steal these photos from unsuspecting people online, many of whom are real military personnel.

You are seeing an increasing number of these fake military accounts because there are lots of unsuspecting lovelorn people on dating apps who don’t know they are being scammed, and many are falling for these military scams.

To reduce the number of fake military accounts you see, report every fake military account to the dating app.

A reputable dating app takes note of this, removes the fake military account, and reports the account to government authorities.