Online Dating: Is It A Turn Off To Men To Date A Woman With A Solid Career And Money?

Online Dating: Is It A Turn Off To Men To Date A Woman With A Solid Career And Money?

There is a fear that men on dating apps who learn that you have a solid career and money are intimidated.

As a woman who has a solid career and makes good money, you don’t want to turn off men you meet on dating apps.

That being said, you do want a guy who has a career and good education.

This isn’t about finding a wealthy guy.

A guy near or at your level is someone you believe would have better compatibility with.

Compatibility is key when it comes to finding a life partner.

The last thing you want to do is waste the time of matches who don’t meet this barometer.

It’s about connecting with a guy that you can relate with in terms of career, education and life.

Though you don’t believe you are asking for anything you don’t bring to the table, you are worried that you are intimidating men on dating apps.

That isn’t your intention.

You want someone to live the rest of your life with.

Someone you care for and who cares about you.

Someone to share your life with.

You are ready.

It’s time.

You are of age.

Thus far, you are struggling.

Your plight on dating apps hasn’t been working out.

That is what has led you into believing that men on dating apps must be turned off when they learn that you have a solid career and make good money.

They seem to disappear soon after learning about this side of your life.

It’s not like you are boasting about it when it arises in conversation.

Far from it.

As far as you are concerned, you are speaking matter-of-factly when the topic of what you do for a living comes up in conversation.

What you do for a living is never how you commence a conversation with men you meet on dating apps.

Inevitably, as conversation ensues, the topic of what you do for a living is asked and that is when you address it.

Like clockwork, he pulls back once you talk about your solid career, and all of a sudden, he isn’t responding to your messages or initiating conversations.

Why does this keep happening to you on dating apps?

Men who are confident in themselves aren’t intimidated that you are a woman with a solid career and money.

Only insecure men get intimidated.

What turns off confident men is what they pick up on as you talk to them about what you do for a living.

Sometimes, especially when you’re a career woman, you can easily fall into the trap of talking too much and in too much detail about your career.

This is what sets off the warning signs in his mind.

Although he is a confident man, he worries about what this entails.

Given how emphatic you are about your solid career, he worries that this side of you is what you are about.

The truth is, even men who have very successful careers and make great money, aren’t all that concerned about your solid career and money.

He is way more turned on by your personal side than your professional side.

Primarily, he is hoping to get the impression that you are loving, fun, nurturing, affectionate, caring, etc.

Qualities that are often associated with femininity.

These are qualities men gravitate to the most in women.

Giving him an earful about your career is boring.

Giving him an earful about how you celebrated a birthday in your family last week, or how dirty you got playing with your young nieces or nephews over the weekend is music to his ears.