Online Dating: Dumped After The First Date For Not Sleeping With Him?

Online Dating: Dumped After The First Date For Not Sleeping With Him?

After so many misfires on dating apps, you were finally matched with a guy you built a good connection with.

The first date was terrific.

He extended it multiple times as you went from location to location for beverages.

This was a guy that was a far cry from previous misfires.

Until him, your matches on dating apps have wanted one thing from you.


Many of these men were sly about it too.

Writing about wanting a serious relationship on a dating profile, but not being able to keep themselves from calling you sexy nicknames like “babe” or “honey,” soon after initiating a conversation with you.

The few better matches that you agreed to meet up with in-person, showed their true intentions by the end of the date in their attempts to get you to invite them over to your place.

You knew exactly what that meant.

Unfortunately, those dates obviously were a waste of time in the end.

Matching with men on dating apps has been a frustrating ordeal for you, as it seems like all you attract are men who purely want to sleep with you.

Miraculously, you matched with a new guy that seemed different.

Conversations with him were substantive.

He never called you sexy nicknames, nor did he introduce sexual topics.

He kept the conversations classy.

When he invited you to meet up with him on a first date, you were excited, but cautious.

You were hoping that he would be as impressive on the first date as he had been on a dating app, and he was.

The first date was breathtaking and as it finally came to a close, you were so looking forward to seeing him again on a second date.

Then everything was ruined.

He invited you to his place at the end of the first date.

His place was close to the final location that was visited on your extended first date.

The first date had gone so splendidly, you didn’t think too hard about agreeing to his offer, although you were a little worried.

Nevertheless, you were convinced he was different and that he would respect the fact that you had no intention to sleep with him at his place.

Admittedly, at his place, you did make out with him.

But you were clear to him that you had no intention of sleeping with him and he seemed fine with it.

After making out for a while, you went home happy, impressed that he never overstepped your boundaries in the midst of making out with you.

Shockingly, he sent you a text message the next day stating that he didn’t feel a romantic connection with you.

Just like that, your excitement was expunged.

You hardly believed it.

He blindsided you, after fooling you into believing he was different from the other men.

You have no doubt that he sent you that text as a consequence of you not sleeping with him after the first date at his place.

Why do men on dating apps pretend that they want a relationship when all they want is to have sex?

Indeed, there are loads of men on dating apps who pretend that they are looking for a serious relationship when they are looking to hook up.

They believe they have to lie so as to trick a woman into thinking that they are serious about her, which in turn compels her to let down her guard, and by so doing, unwittingly give him access to manipulating her.

In your case, this is a guy who has shown his true colors in dumping you after the first date.

Take this as a valuable lesson.

There are wolves in sheep’s clothing on dating apps, regardless of how authentic they initially appear.

As a rule of thumb, whenever a guy invites you over to his place after a first date or any date for that matter, he is hoping to sleep with you.

Just an FYI.

To avoid men who are purely looking to sleep with you after a first date, don’t meet up with any guy you match with too soon.

Guys on dating apps who are looking to sleep with a woman are impatient.

As long as you give it at least a week or two of conversation, he gets exposed when he gets sexual in conversation too prematurely, or asks you to meet in person for an impromptu date.

That’s your indication that he isn’t interested in pursuing a serious relationship with a woman.