Online Dating: Can’t See A Chat I Was Having With A Match?

Online Dating: Can't See A Chat I Was Having With A Match?

After taking a brief break from a lovely chat you were having with a match to attend to a few chores, you weren’t prepared for what you saw when you returned to the chat.

It had completely disappeared as though you had never matched with him.

There was no sign that you had been chatting with him a few hours earlier.

At first, you thought that he must have unmatched or blocked you.

You later received an email from the dating app informing you that your match had just sent you a message.

This was confirmation that he didn’t unmatch or block you.

You didn’t unmatch or block him either.

Why can’t you see the chat you were having with this match?

Given that the email confirmed that he has messaged you since the chat completely disappeared, the issue that you are having in no longer seeing the chat is most likely technical.

To start with, verify that there are no issues with your internet connection.

An internet connection that isn’t fast enough or glitching will struggle to load pages, especially a chat page, which tends to have a lot of technical code behind it.

Next, check your web browser to see whether it has been updated to the latest version.

Updating your web browser to the latest version could be enough to fix this issue.

Otherwise, try loading the chat page using several different web browsers.

Some web browsers do a better job of loading pages than others.

These are web browsers that are technically more compatible with said dating app.

Run this test with different browsers to see whether one or more of them does a better job of loading the chat page than the browser you were previously using.

Consider reinstalling the dating app.

Sometimes updates are made on a dating app that can only be applied when it is reinstalled.

Reinstalling the dating app resets it, which improves the odds that if there were any changes or updates made to the app, they are applied upon reinstallation.

While you are at it, take a look at your mobile phone.

Verify that your mobile phone has been updated with the latest software update.

Next, switch to the desktop version of the dating app.

Oftentimes, the desktop version is capable of loading pages that the mobile version of a dating app can’t.

You can take this a step further by physically using your own desktop to log into the dating app.

Desktops have stronger bandwidth capability than mobile phones.

This means that you have stronger prospects of loading a page if you use your desktop as opposed to using your mobile phone.

If you do use your desktop and find that you can load the chat, send a message to your match to let him know about what happened with the chat and ask him whether he made any changes on his end.

He might have made a change to his account that led to the chat completely disappearing on your end without his awareness.