When You Get Tired Of Left Swiping The Same Batch Of Dating Profiles Day After Day?

When You Get Tired Of Left Swiping The Same Batch Of Dating Profiles Day After Day?

The dating app’s algorithm wants you to take a second look at the batch of dating profiles that you keep seeing day after day.

There were reasons why the algorithm presented these potential matches to you.

There are common interests that you share with them.

I know that you believe that you have no interest in these dating profiles. Nevertheless, the algorithm believes that these dating profiles are worth a second look.

Additionally, the algorithm has observed that you are swiping left on dating profiles far too quickly and far too much.

Your ratio of left swipes to right swipes on a dating app is constantly monitored.

Ideally, an algorithm wants you to have a fairly even balance of left swipes to right swipes.

When you have a much higher percentage of left swipes as opposed to right swipes, the algorithm attempts to rebalance this.

This is when it presents you with the same batch of dating profiles day after day.

The idea is to get you to swipe right on some of them so that you bring a better equilibrium between your left and right swipes.

I know that you don’t like this.

After all, you are left swiping on these dating profiles for a reason.

You have no interest in these women.

Notwithstanding, the algorithm doesn’t want you to abuse your swiping privileges by going overboard with the left swipes.

It wants to bring back a balance between the two.

Consider how stringent your match preferences are.

When you have match preferences that are too narrow in scope, a dating app is going to struggle to find dating profiles that match your strict preferences.

This is especially true when the dating app doesn’t have a sizable number of the types of people you are looking to match with.

This begs two options.

For one, adjust your match preferences to make them less strict so that the algorithm is more capable of finding dating profiles that match your preferences.

The other option is to maintain your strict match preferences, but look for a different dating app that has more of the people that you want to match with.

Sometimes, this means that you sign up on a dating app that isn’t that well-known.

A smaller dating app that caters to the exact type of people you want to be matched with, is more valuable than a dating app with a massive amount of people, the majority of whom don’t match the strict preferences of what you are looking for.

Lastly, do something with your dating profile that entices the algorithm to start sending you new dating profiles as potential matches.

A static dating profile doesn’t motivate an algorithm to send you a bunch of new dating profiles.

When you update your photos or add to what you have written in your bio, you inject new life into your dating profile.

An algorithm loves it when a dating profile is constantly updated.

This is a sign that you are active on the dating app, and this is a major plus.

The algorithm rewards you for this by presenting new dating profiles.