Online Dating: Why Do Men Just Write “Hi” As Their Intros?

Online Dating: Why Do Men Just Write "Hi" As Their Intros?

Men don’t receive anywhere near as many matches on dating apps as women do.

To offset this, legions of men swipe right on every dating profile that is presented to them.

In playing the numbers game indiscriminately, he increases the number of matches he gets.

Once he receives matches, he writes “Hi” in the message box, and copy and pastes that message to his matches.

This lessens the workload of having to write a unique message to every match he has.

Yes, it is a lazy approach to online dating, but for these men, it keeps them from having to spend big chunks of time coming up with unique messages for every match they receive.

On the flip side of this are men who actually put in the effort to write thoughtful messages as intros.

At least, he used to.

He used to write thoughtful messages to his matches, taking the time to read her dating profile and using statements or questions in reference to her dating profile as intros.

Unfortunately, for many of these men, their responses from women were lackluster.

Some women never bother replying at all.

Those who do, send one-word or one-phrase responses.

This is such a buzzkill for a guy who put out the effort to write an intro that referenced what she wrote about in her dating profile.

After a while, he doesn’t want to write such thoughtful intros anymore.

He is dejected and emotionally deflated.

He never gets rewarded by the women he sends these thoughtful messages to.

As a result, he starts writing intros that are of minimal effort.

This is when he develops a strategy of writing “Hi” as his intro message.

It’s not something he is proud of.

That said, he no longer believes that writing thoughtful messages is worth his time, as they have only led to one-word or one-phrase responses from women, or no response at all.

For you, it doesn’t make sense why a guy would put such little effort into his intro message.

For him, he staves off disappointment by putting out minimal effort in his intro.

Additionally, there are men who have poor communication skills.

This is a major reason why he is on a dating app in the first place.

Writing “Hi” as an intro is a reflection of his poor conversational and social skills.

In real life, these are men who never do well in opening conversations with women they meet in public venues.

It is no different on a dating app.

By writing “Hi” as his intro, he puts the onus on you to spearhead a conversation and keep it alive.

You are the one asking the questions, asking the follow-up questions, and making the conversation viable.

Unfortunately, his lackluster intro is your indication that conversation with him is destined to be one-sided, with you putting out the lion’s share of the work to keep it going.

There you go.

Whichever the reason, engaging in conversations with men who have these lackluster intros is a gamble.